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A1 Mobile Notary & Bookkeeping
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A1 Mobile Notary & Bookkeeping
Stephanie Newman

6813 W Calcasieu Dr
Lake Charles LA 70605
(337) 436-4003

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Alt. Phone: (337) 540-6521

A1 Mobile Notary & Bookkeeping

Please Call: 337-436-4003

Mobile Notary Service


  • Vehicle Transfers

  • Bill of Sale

  • Act of Donation

  • Real Estate Closings

  • Power of Attorney

  • Affidavits

  • LLC Forms

  • Towing Liens

  • Mechanic Liens

  • Storage Liens

  • & MORE

    Please Call: 337-436-4003

Vehicle Transfers, Do Both parties have to be present ?

    In most cases YES. However if you meet all the necessary
    requirements we may be able to notarize the title by an
    acknowledgement of witness.  Please contact us for details.

Do I need a Bill of Sale when I Sell a Vehicle?

    I will provide the bill of sale form when it is required.  In some
    situations you are required to have a bill of sale as part of
    your transaction.  Some situation you are not.  Please contact
    us for details

Act of Donation

    This form is used when one individual is giving a vehicle to
    another individual.  This form is used in addition to the title.  
    The form must be notarized PLUS you must have two witnesses
    that are not related to either party.  Sometimes we can provide
    witnesses.  Please contact us for details

Handgun Bill of Sale

    This document can protect you in the case that the gun you
    sold to someone was used in an illegal
    act.  With a Handgun
    Bill of Sale you have a record of when on to whom you sold the

Real Estate Closings & Re-finances

    We provide what is called a Notary Closing. We are prepared
    to receive documents via e-docs..


Power of Attorney

    Specific Power of Attorney

    is a power of attorney that gives someone permission to
    do a specific act only.  


       Full or General Power of Attorney

    is a power of attorney that gives another individual
    authority to act on your behalf in any and all situations.  



    Affidavit is a sworn statement that is notarized.  The person
    signing the affidavit must be present with identification and
    sign the document in front of the notary.


    Please Call: 337-436-4003

Lake Charles LA Notary Public Service

Main Page  Mobile Notary Service  Fees  Bookkeeping Service  Experience

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